Extended Sick Leave

Explanation of the Paid Leave Benefit (Extended Sick Leave)

I have been approved for extended leave and I do not have any other type of leave days available. Because extended leave is paid at one-half dock, does that mean I will receive one-half of my normal check amount while I am on leave?

No. The number of absences included in the pay period will affect your check. You may view the dates for absences included in a pay period on the Payroll Department website. (The form is entitled : Payroll Due Dates). The example below is for a teacher on a 187-day work schedule.

Annual Salary:
Work Schedule:
187 days
Daily Rate:
$229.67 ($42,948 divided by 187 days)
One-half Dock Rate:
$114.83 (1/2 of daily rate)
Normal Gross Check Amount:
 $1789.50 ($42,948 divided by 24)

Below is an example of how your paycheck, while on leave, will be calculated.

If you were out 10 workdays and all 10 workdays are included in the pay period:
• Your check will be reduced by $1148.30 (1/2 dock rate x 10 workdays or $114.83 x 10). This is the amount that is docked for the pay period.

• For this example, your gross check would be $641.20 (your normal check amount less the total dock amount or $1789.50-1148.30).

• Your gross check will be further reduced by TRS deductions, income tax deductions, and benefits deductions. Your net check (or take home pay) will be the result of these deductions.

If you want to determine how your paycheck will be affected, divide your total annual salary by the number of days in your work schedule to determine your daily rate. Then, use your salary and daily rate in the example above.

Note: This paid leave benefit is not available to all employees. To be eligible for the paid leave benefit, an employee must have been continuously employed in a full-time position for at least 12 months prior to the need for leave.


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